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NUANS Name Reservation for Ontario Co-operative

NUANS Name Reservation Report is the full, comprehensive report required to incorporate a co-operative corporation in Ontario.  This report reserves your name for 90 days.


This report also includes is a preliminary search to determine if there are any exact or partial conflicts. We will do a pre-search first and if the pre-search shows a conflict, we will request 2 alternative names to search an no additional cost.

NUANS Name Reservation for Ontario Co-operative

Excluding Sales Tax

Your co-operative name should satisfy four legal requirements: a distinctive element, a descriptive element, the word co-operative or co-op and a legal ending.


A distinctive element can be a word or a name; something that is unique to your business. A descriptive element describes the business, such as “bakery”. The use of the word co-operative or co-op is unique to co-operative corporations. A legal ending defines your business structure, like Inc. or Ltd.


For example, a satisfactory co-operative business name will look something like this:


[Distinctive] + [Descriptive] + [Co-operative] + [Legal Ending] = [Collective Cookie] [Bakery] [Co-operative] [Inc.]

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