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Resources for Teachers

Our resources for educators are specifically designed to help you incorporate co-operative business content into your existing lesson plans, while teaching your students about the value and impact of teamwork and co-operation, when solving real-life challenges that face our communities.

A group of students learning about co-operatives in a Co-operative Minds workshop

The value of co-operative education...

Teaching and instilling the value of co-operation - and the idea that you can accomplish more together - is at the very heart of the programming and resources we provide to educators. Along with this comes an awareness and appreciation for co-operatives, a different kind of business model that is often overlooked in schools, and which are values-based and community-focused businesses that balance people, planet, and profit.

Programs and tools to help your students grow.

Co-operative Minds

Supporting teachers with the tools to instill students with a co-operative mindset, while solving real-world problems.

Our Co-operative Minds program was developed in partnership with Ontario educators and provides free lesson plans and classroom activities for teachers of Grades 2 to 12. The program fulfills a broad range of curriculum requirements and helps students develop transferable skills. With our pre-prepared lessons and interactive activities, you can seamlessly integrate co-operation into your classroom in a variety of engaging ways!

A teacher and two students using the Co-operative Minds program
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