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Co-operative Planning & Development 


Free Advice

If you are thinking about starting a co-operative business and would like to speak to someone one-on-one, we can help! Book a virtual meeting with us to ask questions and get advice on next steps. There is no fee for a 30-minute virtual development session.

Bylaw Development

For new co-operatives needing their first set of bylaws or existing co-operatives needing a bylaw update.


Co-operatives are a unique business model with a triple bottom line approach of people, planet and profit. They are collectively owned or operated and serve a community need. While there are co-ops in every sector and industry around the world, its not always the right fit for the product or service you are trying to sell, nor for the individuals who might want to start a business venture. We have developed a short quiz to get you thinking about whether this business model is right for your idea!


Starting a Co-operative

This guide provides a general overview of the co-op development process that can help you explore the steps required to plan, develop, incorporate, and launch your co-operative.

Business Plan Guide

A business plan is a concise, but comprehensive description of your business. It will highlight in some detail the past, present and future of your enterprise, and is used as a blueprint for financing. A business plan is a valuable development tool which forces you to plan and consider many aspects of your co-operative’s potential success.

Bylaw Guidelines

These guidelines are presented as a general outline of the requirements for a good set of bylaws. The Co-operative Corporations Act is the legislation that governs co-operatives in Ontario. Co-operative Articles of Incorporation and bylaws must agree with the Act.

Other Digital Resources

We have a library of resources available on a variety of topics. Browse the development category for more resources.

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