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Board Governance Training & Resources


Governance Training

This session is designed to give co-operative boards basic information so that each member can become an effective director. It will provide the basics, so you will learn what a co-operative board does and the role and responsibilities of a director.

The 7 Principles Session

This session provides a plain language explanation of the Co-op Principles, highlights examples of the principles in action from other co-operatives and credit unions, creates a connection between your current programming and how they relate to the principles, and reflects on the board’s role in operating within the co-op principles.

Custom Sessions

We can provide training on a variety of topics from what it means to be a co-op to strategic planning. Custom sessions will be developed with you to meet your learning objectives.  Please let us know what topics you are hoping to explore, the number of directors, and your preferred method (in-person or virtual) and date.  


Board Training Guide

This guide includes 35 pages of governance material covering a variety of topics. It also includes a workbook with ten exercises to work through as an individual or together with your board.

Holding Effective Meetings

This document outlines the important factors in organizing and executing an effective meeting for your Board of Directors and/or your Members, and gives tips on hosting them both in-person or virtually.

Board & Officer Roles & Responsibilities

This document outlines the roles and responsibilities of a co-op’s board of directors and their officers.

Other Digital Resources

Visit our resources library for all of our available governance resources. You can filter by topic and type to find a resources that best suites your needs.

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