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Our Leadership

Board - Jordan Moat.png

Jordan Moat

Rep. Libro Credit Union

"Libro became a voting member of OCA in an effort to have a deeper connection to the broader co-op community. We are committed to supporting the co-operative movement and felt this was a great way to do that. It also gave us an opportunity to support advocacy efforts for co-ops from a collective perspective."

Board - Chris Caners.png

Chris Caners

Rep. SolarShare Co-operative

"The work of the OCA is critical to our need to remain well-informed and connected. We also support the development and growth of the co-operative sector."

Board - Craig Steven .png

Craig Steven

Rep. Gay Lea Foods Co-operative

"Being a member of OCA is the right thing to do. Gay Lea Foods has been a longstanding member and supporter of the Association. We believe in and live the principles of Concern for the Community and Co-operation among Co-operatives." 

Board - Wendy Carruthers.png

Wendy Carruthers

Rep. Co-operators

"The Co-operators is a member of every provincial co-operative association as we have a mandate to be a leader in the Canadian co-operative movement. We participate via dues and sponsorships, by providing people to sit on boards and committees, and through the sharing of knowledge and in-kind services."

Board - Kelli Phillips.png

Kelli Phillips

Rep. Hay Communications Co-operative

"Hay Communications values the support and resources provided by OCA. Co-ops tend to be smaller companies, so we benefit from this like-minded group of individuals, much like how Hay works with other local telcos." 

Board - Kathy Stewart.png

Kathy Stewart

Rep. Frontline Credit Union

"We believe in co-operation among co-operatives, so being a member of OCA helps fulfill this co-operative principle by providing an opportunity to be a part of the larger co-operative family and to learn how our services can help support other co-operatives. We can all learn from each other no matter the type of co-operative."

Board - Reba Plummer.png

Reba Plummer

Rep. Canadian Worker Co-operative Foundation

"We are proud to be members of an organization that works diligently to address the lack of understanding within the wider community about co-operatives, which is the key to all our success."

Interested in joining our Board?

Becoming a member of the Board of Directors at OCA is an opportunity for representatives from our Member-Owner organizations to contribute their knowledge, energy, and commitment to the well-being of Ontario’s co-operatives.

Your involvement will provide deeper and broader experiences in the co-operative sector, and an appreciation of the benefits of collaboration when we work together using our common values to achieve our shared goals.

A boardroom table and chairs where the leadership makes important decisions governing the co-operative
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