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  • New Co-operatives in Ontario

    Provincewide, people continue to choose co-operative enterprises. They choose co-ops because we are values-based, accountable, and community-oriented. On average, 25-30 co-ops are incorporated annually in Ontario.

    Here are some of Ontario`s co-ops incorporated in 2015

    • Pape Co-operative Development Corp
    • Dryden Senior Co-operative Housing
    • The West Village Community Development Co-op
    • St. James Town Community Co-op
    • Georgian Bay Agricultural Co-op
    • Trillium Solar Power Co-op
    • Akajou Co-op
    • Sunvie Renewable Energy Co-op
    • North Perth Community Ag Power Co-op
    • Shaws Creek Farm Co-op
    • Code Studio Co-op
    • Renewal Sun Energy Co-op
    • The Farmers Community Co-op
    • The Barn Co-op Network
    • Art District Co-op Gallery
    • Research Education Design Development Innovation Co-op
    • Co-operative of Specialty Community Legal Clinics of Ontario
    • Kawartha Works Community Co-op

    Check out their listings on the Co-operative Directory: 



    On Co-op maintains a listing of all 1300 of Ontario's co-ops so anyone can find a co-op and/or a product or service provided bya local co-op. Search by keyword, category/type or location.

    To start, click on the photo, or use the permanent "Find a Co-op" link at the bottom right of all our website pages.

  • Co-op FACTSheets now available!

    Discover our online and print library of quick-reference materials about co-op sectors, best practices, legislation, and structure. We have a suite of more than 30 brief, easy to read, useful FactSheets.

    Click HERE to browse the library.

  • Co-ops Are Cool!

    Want to find out more about the great things co-ops do?

    Did you know that mornings are 28% more chipper because of co-ops? Or that co-ops make the world smell nicer? For more quirky, interesting facts about co-ops, check out our Co-ops Are Cool webpages, created and generously donated to On Co-op by The Co-operators.


Co-op Nation

Sep 24, 2015 - If we compare the global co-operative economy to national ones, "Co-op Nation" would be the world's ninth largest economy!Click on more information link.

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On Co-op September 2016 AGM

Sep 14, 2016 - On Co-op September 2016 AGM

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