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Resources for Co-operatives

Our educational programs and resources are designed to help members, directors, and employees of co-operatives develop a higher level of co-operative awareness and understanding, and therefore, strengthen their own careers as well as the organizations and communities they belong to.

Teacher explaining the co-operative business model to students

The value of co-operative education

Co-operative education provides us with opportunities to connect with consumers who are looking to align their values with organizations like ours. When we have a greater understanding of co-operatives, we can help consumers understand co-operative values and business practices. This way, they are more likely to choose a co-operative!

Tools to help you grow.

ON Board

Inspire a new generation of engaged employees, citizens, and co-op champions!

Our award-winning educators will introduce you, your staff, your members, and Directors to the incredible co-operative sector through our interactive ON Board program. Investing in the people that govern and operate your organization gives them the tools and the knowledge to talk about your co-operative with confidence!

A community with co-operative businesses for the ON Board program
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