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Through a variety of publications, On Co-op informs its membership and the rest of Ontario about co-operative events, organizations and principles. Archives of these documents, as well as many others, can be found in our co-op resources area.

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  • The Co-op Current (On Co-op's monthly e-Newsletter)
  • The DF Advisor (the newsletter of the Credit Union Directors of Ontario, or CUDO)
  • The CYL Newsletter (On Co-op s newsletter targetted specifically to the Co-operative Young Leaders Program)

The On Co-op e-Newsletter

The On Co-op e-Newsletter contains news and information for and about Ontario's Co-operative and Credit Union sectors, sector stakeholders and champions. It generally features about 10-12 very short articles and a few sidebar features, and is sent out via email approximately every four weeks.

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Guide to the Co-operative Corporations Act in Ontario

Ontario's Co-operative Corporations Act describes what a co-operative is and dictates how co-operatives must operate. However, because the Act is legislation, written by parlimentarians and lawyers, it uses specialized terms and can be confusing at times to the general public. On Co-op created a plain language guide to the act and offers both print and electronic copies. Email [requires javascript] to order your copy and confirm current pricing.

Fact Sheet Series

On Co-op has produced a series of over 40 Fact sheets regarding best practices, the co-operative structure, recent changes to the Act and information on notable co-operative sectors. These resources are available online to everyone free of charge under our 'Documents & Downloads' section. They can also be ordered in print (email [requires javascript] for information). A full listing of our current fact sheets can be found under the 'Downloads' section of this page.

How To Guides

On Co-op has produced a short series of How To Guides, including:

  • Running Elections for Directors
  • Holding Effective Board of Directors Meetings
  • Running a Member's Meeting
  • Running a Good Annual General Meeting

These guides are available online to everyone free of charge under our 'Documents & Downloads' section. They can also be ordered in print. Email [requires javascript] for more information.

The ICA's Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade

The Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade is an ambitious project that builds on the achievements and momentum of the International Year of Co-operatives and the resilience of the co-operative movement since the great financial collapse. The goal of this campaign is to raise the profile of the co-operative sector world-wide by 2020—specifically, we hope for the co-operative model to become:

• The acknowledged leader in economic, social and environmental sustainability
• The model preferred by people
• The fastest growing form of enterprise

Co-operatives already make a significant contribution towards alleviating pressing global problems. But, with appropriate support and greater understanding and recognition, they could contribute much more. The challenge now is for the ICA, national bodies, provincial associations, sector groups and individual members to take this Blueprint forward into implementation.

The document itself, which can be found in full here, includes core strategies for the sector to pursue to make 2011-2020 a Co-operative Decade of confident growth.


Co-op Principles in Plain Language

Oct 12, 2015 - The co-op principles are the foundation of co-operatives worldwide. To make them more accessible and easy to understand, On Co-op presents a plain-language translation of each of the seven international principles.

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34th Annual Directors' Forum Conference

Oct 11, 2018 + others - Directors of credit unions and caisses populaires are invited to join us for a unique learning, professional development and networking opportunity! New as well as young Directors are also highly encouraged to attend!

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