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Co-operative Development

Co-operative development is the art and science of helping co-operatives start and grow their enterprises. On Co-op supports the creation, development, funding and enhancement of forming newly-formed and existing Ontario co-operatives and credit unions through a variety of programs and services.

On Co-op has created a special class of membership for emerging co-ops (working groups) and newly incorporated co-operatives.  As a "Friend" member of On Co-op, your organization or working group has access to enhanced co-op development resources and resources and significant discounts on consulting. Check out the membership pages to learn more, or contact Peter Cameron at the co-ordinates below.


Do you want to know if the co-op model is the right one for your business idea? Do you need tools to effectively govern your new co-operative? Do you want some pointers on how to expand, change, or revitalize your established co-operative?

On Co-op can help! Our staff can provide solutions, referrals and connections to resources that can assist you. You can also make an appointment to speak with our co-op development staff to work through your idea and get answers to detailed questions that can help you plan out your next steps.

Contact us to learn more.  If your legal and financial advisors have not worked closely with a co-op in the past, they may not be aware of the options available to you as a co-operative business enterprise, so be sure to talk to On Co-op in addition to your own advisors.

Here is a list of lawyers that are familiar with the co-operative business enterprise model. 



To help your co-op grow, On Co-op has developed a variety of tools and documents.

  • Our series of FactSheets include a wide range of information: fundamental lessons on the co-op model, detailed information on co-operative issues such as audits and directors' liability, and information on specific portions of the co-op sector such as child care and renewable energy are all included. Download the series from the 'For More Information' link at the bottom of this page, or a document containing the list of all titles in the co-op Factsheet series from the 'Related Documents' area at the right.
  • On Co-op has created a plain-language Guide to the Co-operative Corporations Act to help you navigate the legal side of running a co-op. This comprehensive document should be in every forming and existing co-op's toolkit.
  • On Co-op's series of presentations provide valuable information on a variety of subjects.
  • Resources for initial co-op development can be found on our Starting a Co-op page.
  • Our co-op resources library includes any number of helpful documents, and can be searched by keyword, document type or strategic area. Many of those documents do not appear elsewhere on the On Co-op site!
  • New and emerging co-ops should consider becoming a "Friend" member of On Co-op. Ask us more about this.

Contact our Co-op Development Manager using the contact information at the bottom of this page for information on these or other resources.



The co-operative business model is unique, and is often governed by unique legislation that differs from other types of business enterprise. It is important that those in your professional support network have experience with the co-operative business enterprise model - your own lawyer, business development office or accountant may not.

THE CO-OP DEVELOPMENT PROCESS. Carrying out an effective co-op development process is crucial for the success of forming, newly-formed or existing co-operatives. It requires a broad set of skills, knowledge and experience. Most new co-operative entrepreneurs, although they have the vision of what they want their new co-op to accomplish, often lack some of the required knowledge and experience to move the project forward. Filling this knowledge and experience gap is how an experienced Co-op Developer can be of great assistance. On Co-op provides forming and existing co-ops with advice and works with co-op development professionals across the provinces with a wide variety of skillsets.

CHOOSE THE RIGHT DEVELOPER. Choosing the right developer is very important for your group. As with any professional service arrangement you must ensure that the developer has the knowledge and skills you are seeking. Beyond assessing their skills you also must be comfortable on a personal level with the developer, as you will be working very closely with the them. When choosing a developer it is always good to ask for references so that you can talk with others who have worked with them.

Be sure to spend time up front with the developer to identify what needs you have, the approach the developer will use to assist you, the timeline for the work and, of course, the cost.

DEAL WITH A TRAINED DEVELOPER. On Co-op is part of the national CoopZone Developers' Network Co-op. CoopZone links those co-ops requiring development expertise with people and organizations who have the skills and the understanding to provide co-operative development. Anyone considering utilizng the co-operative business enterprise model should talk to On Co-op or a recognized co-operative developer before finalizing their co-op plans.

Here is a list of co-op developers who work with Coop Zone:,6,8 



Does your organization (or department or branch) need training or development in areas such as board relations, strategic planning, member engagement, running effective meetings, or even Co-ops 101/202?

On Co-op can provide standard or customized sessions on a fee-for-service basis in many areas relating to co-operatives, democracy and good governance. Presentations, Lunch-and-learns, 1/2/3 hour sessions, full day or half day workshops, as well as one-on-one coaching is available.Member organizations receive a discount. Contact us with your request.

For our members, we can also facilitate meetings, source speakers and help to plan conferences.



As a co-op association, one of On Co-op's key objectives is to bring together co-operatives from across the province that are small and large, newly-formed and decades old, local and far reaching.

Often the feeling of isolation is strongest with emerging, new or smaller co-ops. Through membership in On Co-op, co-ops have unparallelled access to our resources, staffing, marketing, government relations and access other members. On Co-op also promotes co-ops and credit unions to the rest of the sector, public policy makers and to the general public.

Co-operative Funders

Co-op funders and financers are important partners in the development of co-operatives. On Co-op, maintains a List of Co-op Funders and Financers.We also can provide guidance on raising capital through Offering Statements.

More information is also on the CoopZone website:


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