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Becoming a Facilitator

Being a CYL Facilitator is an incredible professional development experience—a chance to further your own leadership skills by engaging the minds and hearts of the next generation of co‑operative leaders.


Being a CYL Facilitator is an incredible professional development experience for adults – a chance to further your own leadership skills by engaging the minds and hearts of the next generation of co-operative leaders, while also networking with an amazing team of up to 40 other co-operators from across the province.

CYL provides its Facilitators with opportunities to build their co-op knowledge, and enhance presentation and communication skills -- which will also benefit their career paths. They will emerge with new leadership abilities and the kind of team-building experience rarely found in an office.


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A huge THANK YOU to all those who applied, we truly appreciate it! With 4 weeks of CYL this summer, we are limited to the amount of Facilitators we are able to accomodate. We will contact all applicants to advise how we will proceed and what the next steps will be. 

In addition to one week during the summer, Facilitators must take part in mandatory training sessions. For 2017, the Facilitator training weekend will be from May 26-28, 2017 at Albion Hills in Caledon ON. Facilitators must also possess a valid police record check for vulnerable sectors prior to facilitating their CYL session.


  • This year, approximately 20-25 adults will be accepted as facilitators with the CYL program. These people have diverse backgrounds and skill sets, but share a common passion for engaging and working with youth. A large percentage of them come from the co-operative sector and are employees, managers or board members of credit unions, housing, insurance, consumer, agricultural and other co-ops.
  • Facilitators are CYL volunteers. They often take time away from their jobs to attend—or their employer will allow them to count their volunteerism as part of the organization’s community involvement or corporate sponsorship of the CYL program.
  • Graduates of the CYL program are encouraged to apply. Recent graduates may be invited to return to CYL as Intern Facilitators.
  • Facilitators must abide by the same Code of Conduct as participants.
  • Facilitators are volunteers and are not paid or otherwise compensated by On Co-op or CYL. However, pre-approved, direct expenses related to the program are paid for, and your food and accommodation while on program or at training sessions are included. There are no participant fees to pay, or sponsorships to obtain. Facilitators must provide a valid police record check in advance of their week of CYL, the cost of which can be reimbursed by On Co-op upon request.
  • The number of Facilitators required for CYL is calculated based on the number of program weeks, the number of participants and the resources required for training, ongoing development and food/accommodation while on-site.

"As  a facilitator, CYL continues to fill me with awe as I watch youth transform in one short week. Over the past six years I have worked  with our youth and seen the changes take place; I have seen the unsure step forward; I have seen the loner group; I have seen the uncaring move to compassion, and I have seen the sure add empathy. I go and facilitate and always come away with life lessons taught to me by our youth. It is an experience for our youth and our facilitators. " Michael B., Facilitator


  • You must be 16 years of age or older (includes Interns)
  • All new and intern facilitator applicants must participate in an interview with the CYL selection committee.
  • All facilitators must attend a mandatory training session, tentatively set for the last weekend in May each year at the site CYL will be held. An optional debrief will be held in September.
  • All facilitators will require a record check or police vulnerable persons search to be completed by your local police department.
  • All facilitators must be aware of their roles and responsibilities and sign the facilitator contract and other On Co-op/CYL paperwork. To learn more download the files found under the 'Related Documents' area at the right of this page and check out the Facilitator FAQs page.
  • On Co-op reserves the right not to accept applicants, even after completing facilitator training.

Due to the large number of Facilitator applications received, On Co-op regrets that not all applicants can be accommodated during the summer CYL sessions. Other opportunities for participating in the CYL, All 4 Each and On Co-op's other youth engagement activities are available - talk to us about the options.Please note: the number of CYL facilitators required is governed by the number of CYL participant applications received, and the resources required for facilitator training and development (resources, dorm space, health, safety and risk-management policies, and the goals of the program all influence our minimums and maximums).


CYL provides its Facilitators with opportunities to build their presentation, communication and group-dynamics skills. Faciliators learn more about the co-operative movement, and gain insights into other co-operative sectors and best-practises. You will emerge with new leadership abilities, with the kind of team-building experience rarely found in an office and the confidence born from making a tangible difference in the lives of others.

A series of Facilitator webinars and a training weekend will build on your knowledge, experience and get you energized for the upcoming CYL season. Dates for the 2017 sessions TBD. 

IMPORTANT: The CYL 101 webinar is mandatory for all first-year & intern facilitators. The Facilitation and Communication webinar and the Conflict Resolution webinar are mandatory for all facilitators. If you are unable to attend a webinar, you must watch a recording and score 85% or higher on a questionnaire. Facilitators must attend at least 60% of the scheduled sessions of the Training Weekend. Facilitators who have facilitated at least once in the last 5 years may receive a condtional approval to be absent from the weekend or miss more than 60% of the sessions. Failure to attend the Training Weekend without preapproved exemption will result in that person's ineligibility to facilitate.


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