• May 23

    Use the new international co-op logo


    If your co-op has a print or electronic newsletter, include the new co-op logo in a corner. Use it to accompany your own look, logo and image.
  • May 22

    CYL filling up fast


    There is still limited capacity in the final Intermediate and both CYL Senior Sessions.
  • Jan 23

    Subscribe to the On Co-op E-newsletter.


    Subscribe to the On Co-op E-newsletter. The On Co-op e-newsletter contains news and information for and about Ontario's Co-operative and Credit Union sectors, sector stakeholders and champions. It generally features about 10-12 very short articles and a few sidebar features, and is sent out via email approximately every four weeks.
  • Feb 1

    The Province-wide Petition Goes Visual


    We need you to speak out, and we've created a video to help. To drive forward its province-wide petition, On Co-op has created a video bringing together voices from across the co-op sector.
  • Jan 1

    Guide to Co-op Act written in plain, accessible language


    On Co-op has created a Guide to Ontario’s Co-operative Corporations Act. The Guide explains the details of the Act, and includes advice about the procedures and protocols that define the operations of co-operatives. The Guide also includes a number of special resources and comments on how certain provisions may be used. At 150 pages long, the Guide is comprehensive without being overwhelming. For details on ordering your copy of the guide,click here:
  • Aug 1

    Newest On Co-op E-newsletter Released


    The newest On Co-op e-newsletter has been released. E-copies have been sent to subscribers. PDF version can be downloaded from the website.
  • Jul 31

    Finance Your Co-op: A New Guide for New Times


    New tools and techniques for co-op financing, with special emphasis on "bootstrapping" and alternative sources of funding for minimizing start-up costs.
  • Jul 27

    Who Actually Owns a Co-operative?


    A short presentation clearly explaining the different models of co-operative organization.
  • Jun 23

    Co-op Nation


    If we compare the global co-operative economy to national ones, "Co-op Nation" would be the world's ninth largest economy!
  • Mar 23

    Co-op Principles in Plain Language


    The co-op principles are the foundation of co-operatives worldwide. To make them more accessible and easy to understand, On Co-op presents a plain-language translation of each of the seven international principles.


Co-op Nation

Jun 23, 2012 - If we compare the global co-operative economy to national ones, "Co-op Nation" would be the world's ninth largest economy!

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