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  • Apr 4

    Join us on May 2, 2016 for the Co-op QP Reception!


    Are you a Senior Leader (Board Chair, ED or GM) of a co-op? If so, join us on May 2, 2016 for the Co-op QP Reception!
  • Mar 3

    Fundamentals of Co-operative Organizations Certificate Program


    The standard-setting Fundamentals of Co-operative Organizations certificate is tailor-made for co-operative leadership. Current and prospective managers and administrators, board members, entrepreneurs and other visionaries will benefit from the tools we provide. The program was developed in partnership between York University’s Schulich School of Business and the Ontario Co-operative Association. Its online and in-person sessions enable working professionals to: (1) learn specialized knowledge in areas such as governance, membership development, legislation, financing and co-op development; (2) develop critical thinking, management and leadership skills; (3) advance their career in the co-operative sector; and (4) foster alliances and partnerships with colleagues from across the sector.
  • Feb 18

    Education Bursaries Available to Recently Incorporated Co-ops


    On Co-op offering $1,000 bursaries to recently incorporated co-ops to take the FCO Certificate Program.
  • Oct 14

    Guide to Co-op Act written in plain, accessible language


    On Co-op has created a Guide to Ontario’s Co-operative Corporations Act. The Guide explains the details of the Act, and includes advice about the procedures and protocols that define the operations of co-operatives. The Guide also includes a number of special resources and comments on how certain provisions may be used. At 150 pages long, the Guide is comprehensive without being overwhelming. For details on ordering your copy of the guide,click here:
  • Oct 12

    Co-op Principles in Plain Language


    The co-op principles are the foundation of co-operatives worldwide. To make them more accessible and easy to understand, On Co-op presents a plain-language translation of each of the seven international principles.
  • Oct 1

    Risk Management


    Introduction to Co-op Guard
  • Sep 15

    Use the new international co-op logo


    If your co-op has a print or electronic newsletter, include the new co-op logo in a corner. Use it to accompany your own look, logo and image.
  • Jul 14

    Follow Us On Social Media


    We're on social media. Hook us up!!!


Risk Management

Oct 1, 2015 - Introduction to Co-op Guard

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