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Directors' Forum Executive Committee

The mission of the Directors' Forum Executive Committee is to recognize, promote and support the role of credit union and caisse populaire Directors through the provision of education, professional development, and networking opportunities.

Pictured from left to right: Pauline Wainwright, Steve McDermott, Kathy Stewart, Tim Foster, Anthony Piscitelli and Tanya Gracie.


The DF Executive is comprised of six volunteers who are also a director of an Ontario credit union or caisses populaires. The 2017-2018 Committee includes:

  • Tim Foster, Northern Credit Union (CHAIR) - term expires 2018
  • Kathy Stewart, Frontline Financial Credit Union (TREASURER) - term expires 2020
  • Tanya Gracie, Your Credit Union - term expires 2018
  • Steve McDermott, Comtech Fire Credit Union - term expires 2019
  • Pauline Wainwright, PACE Credit Union - term expires 2019
  • Anthony Piscitelli, Your Neighbourhood Credit Union - term expires 2020

View their individual biographies in the "downloads" section in the right-hand toolbar.

We achieve our mission by:

  • Holding an annual Directors’ Forum Conference dedicated to celebrating the role of the director through the provision of both educational and professional development sessions.
  • Recognizing long-serving directors who have demonstrated their commitment to the credit union movement through their years of dedication and volunteer service to one or more Ontario credit unions. 
  • Recognizing new directors and emerging leaders in the credit union system.
  • Supporting youth leadership and engagement strategies.
  • Providing no-charge venues for credit union or co-operative charitable foundations at our annual conference.
  • Supporting director education and training programs, such as Credit Union Director Achievement (CUDA).

Meetings for the Director's Forum Executive:

  • Meetings for the DF executive generally begin in January of each year, to set the fall conference theme, objectives and brainstorm topics and speakers. Often strategic planning is also done at this time.
  • A two-hour in-person meeting is also held over lunch on the first day of the Directors' Forum.
  • All DF executive committee members attend the Directors' Forum and participate in the event by moderating or supporting workshops and sessions.
  • Generally about  6 conference calls are held throughout the year.
  • Executive Committee members also communicate through email throughout the year.
  • Table officers may meet in person or via conference call more often, as required.


  • Executive Committee members must have experience as a board director of a Canadian credit union or caisses popularies.
  • Term is for three years, for a maximum of three consectuive terms. Table Officer terms is for two years, with a maximum of two consecutive terms in their respective positions.


  • Candidates appearing on the slate will be presented during the Annual General Meeting, during the Directors' Forum.
  • If there are more candidates than executive positions available, an election will be held, with the DF delegates (i.e. paying participants) voting.
  • Nomination from the floor is permissible.


  • The DF is a voluntary position, with no honorariums.
  • Executive Committee members are compensated for their direct expenses, including the conference registration fee, as well as travel and accommodations during the Forum.
  • Committee members attend the DF at no charge.


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34th Annual Directors' Forum Conference

Oct 11, 2018 + others - Directors of credit unions and caisses populaires are invited to join us for a unique learning, professional development and networking opportunity! New as well as young Directors are also highly encouraged to attend!

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