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About the Directors' Forum & Long-Term Service Awards


For 32 years, the Directors’ Forum has played a significant role in credit union director professional development and education. The Directors’ Forum is also a meeting place for system volunteers, facilitating a wide range of discussions and events that are uniquely tailored to the role of Ontario credit union directors. Every credit union and caisse populaire in Ontario should send at least one board member to this event!

Directors attend the two-day Directors' Forum conference or participate in online development sessions to learn new skills, participate in discussion forums, and interact and network with other credit union leaders. Directors return to their credit unions to share their experiences and materials, further expanding the reach and influence of the Directors' Forum.

The Directors’ Forum offers a unique method of supporting directors and other key volunteers in the credit union system.  All sessions provide practical advice and real-world examples that can be applied to your credit union.


One of the key objectives of the DF’s mission is to recognize long-serving directors who have demonstrated their commitment to the credit union movement, through their years of dedication and volunteer service to one or more Ontario credit union and/or caisses populaires. As such, the DF established the Long-Term Service Awards many years ago, to pay tribute to such individuals at the annual conference.

In order to be eligible for the award, individuals must:

  • be current credit union board members (not retired or deceased)
  • not have previously received a Long-Term Service Award from the DF
  • have demonstrated their commitment to the credit union movement through their (minimum of nine) years of dedication and volunteer service to one or more Ontario credit unions
  • be a paying registrant at the DF conference and present at the award ceremony
If you or someone you know is eligible to receive a long-term service award, please contact us via email and we will verify your eligibility!


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