CYL 2018 Participant Registration

If you have not been OFFICIALLY accepted by a sponsoring organization, you cannot proceed with the application process through OCA. You will be asked to provide the sponsoring organization name, contact person and email in order to continue. If you are registering individually and not obtaining a sponsor you can put in the information of who we will invoice.

Please gather all of the necessary information required for your application BEFORE you begin.

Participant Information
This email address will be added to our CYL program alumni database. We rarely send emails to this list, and you can unsubscribe at any time.
Leadership Aptitude
Sponsor Information
N/A for Base Camp
N/A for Base Camp
Medical Information
If your participant requires an EpiPen, please provide two non-expired EpiPens; one for them to carry with them and one to keep in the cabin
We will do our best to accommodate all dietary restrictions.
Medication must be brought to camp in its original packaging. Please explain the reason for the medication and any notes on giving this medication to your participant.
Please list the date of your participant's most recent vaccination, if any, for the following:
Health History
Has your participant experienced, or is currently experiencing, any of the following conditions?