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The strength of our Co-operative comes from the passion and diversity of our Members and Associate Members. Membership in the Ontario Co-operative Association includes credit unions, emerging, existing and expanding co-operatives, co-op and credit union federations and associations, sector stakeholders and co-op champions.  

Your organization's name on our membership list shows your support of On Co-op and your commitment to a sustainable and growing co-operative movement in Ontario. Please contact us at the co-ordinates below to become a Member or Associate Member of On Co-op.

  • DISCOUNTS: The 60+ dues-paying organizations that make up the On Co-op membership are entitled to discounts off On Co-op programs or services or additional value-added bonuses. Emerging and new co-operatives (0-5 years) are entitled to enhanced benefits as "Friends".
  • INDIRECT MEMBERSHIP: If your co-operative or credit union's name is not on this list, your organzation is an indirect member. If your co-operative organization belongs to a federation or association which is a Voting Member of On Co-op, your co-op is considered to be a MOMO (Member of Member Organization) and your co-operative is entitled to a discounted "MOMO/Member of Member rate" for On Co-op programs or activities where indicated, and if your parent federation has granted approval for On Co-op member benefits to be passed along.  See more information on MOMOs below.

Voting Members*



Friends - Organizations

Friends - Individuals

  • Rejikumar Padmalayam Bhargavan
  • Vito Scurderi
  • Joan Brady
  • Sherylann Barrington

* Ontario Co-operative Association Inc. is a co-operative, formed in 2002 under Ontario's Co-operative Corporations Act.  Under the Act, our "members" are comprised of those in the Voting Members category.  Together, our Voting Members and Associate Members comprise the 'membership.'


If your organization's name does not appear on the list of members above, you are considered a MOMO, or an indirect member. (You do not pay dues to On Co-op.) If your co-operative is a member of a federation or association which is a Voting Member of On Co-op (what On Co-op calls a MOMO: member of member organization), your co-op may also qualifiy for a discounted price on admission to On Co-op events or the purchase of some products and services. (Note that this discounted rate may be less than that offered to direct On Co-op members. MOMO status is only granted to co-operatives.)

We welcome your MOMO organization to join with us as a Member or Associate Member!

Only direct dues-paying Voting Member (i.e. not MOMOs or Associate Members) may participate in the democratic process, which includes voting on resolutions at On Co-op member meetings, submitting a candidate for election to the On Co-op board of directors or voting in elections. MOMO status is granted only to co-operative organizations. Individual members (i.e. customers) are not entitled to the "MOMO or member rate". However, individuals may join On Co-op as Friends with all of the rights, benefits and privileges of that membership category.

Examples of MOMOs - 
(1) Central 1 is the On Co-op Voting Member.  Alterna Savings and Credit Union is a member of Central 1, and therefore is a MOMO of On Co-op.  The individual members (customers) of Alterna are not MOMOs.
(2) GROWMARK Inc is the On Co-op Voting Member.  North Wellington Co-operative Services is a member of GROWMARK, and therefore North Welllington is the MOMO. However, North Wellington's members (customers) are not MOMOs.
(3) CHF Canada, Ontario Region (Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada) is the On Co-op Voting Member. The housing co-operatives which belong to CHF in Ontario, and the regional housing federations are considered MOMOs. However, the families & residents which belong to the housing co-ops are not MOMOs.

Examples of Federations or Associations which are part of the On Co-op membership: Central 1 Credit Union, Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada, GROWMARK, Canadian Worker Co-op Federation, PCPC & Hamilton Council childcare federations


Guide to Co-op Act written in plain, accessible language

Oct 14, 2015 - On Co-op has created a Guide to Ontario’s Co-operative Corporations Act. The Guide explains the details of the Act, and includes advice about the procedures and protocols that define the operations of co-operatives. The Guide also includes a number of…

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June 2017 CMC Congress & AGM

Jun 19, 2017 + others - CMC Congress & AGM

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