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On Co-op programs, activities and services are supported by a committee structure for guidance, sector input and direction.  In these committees, the On Co-op membership (including their staff, Board and members), and co-op sector stakeholders and leaders work together with On Co-op board staff to achieve the Association's goals and set On Co-op's direction for the future.

There are currently over 25 individuals who volunteer their time and expertise to On Co-op, through their involvement on one of our committees:

COMMITTEES (as of September 14, 2016)


An advisory body for financial management issues and directions.  Ensures that financial controls and procedures are in place, followed and evaluated.

  • Lisa Guglietti, The Co-operators (Chair)
  • Brent Davies, Ag Energy 
  • Janice Johnson, GROWMARK, Inc. 
  • Jennifer Ross (staff support)
  • Erin Morgan, On Co-op


An advisory body to the Co-op Development Manager for Co-op Development issues and directions. To support and develop the co-operative economy in Ontario.

  • Michael Béland, Co-operatives and Mututals Canada
  • Simon Berge, University of Winnipeg
  • Nancy Bradley, Parent Co-operative Preschool Corporation
  • Peter Cameron, On Co-op (staff support)
  • Russ Christianson, Rhythm Communications
  • Kim De Lallo, Ontario Natural Food Co-op
  • Tom Ewart, The Co-operators
  • Julien Geremie, Conseil de la coopération de l'Ontario
  • James Law, TREC Renewable Energy Co-op
  • Judith Lipp, TREC Renewable Energy Co-op
  • Kelly Storie, La Siembra Co-op (board rep)


To: (a) Review membership categories and recommend appropriate fee structures. (b) To address issues which facilitate member involvement. (c) To develop new members through promotion and recruitment initiatives. (d) To develop policies and proceedures for board governance. (e) To develop policies and procedures for member participation.

  • Kim De Lallo, Ontario Natural Food Co-op
  • Janice Johnson, GROWMARK, Inc.
  • Kelly McGiffin, FirstOntario Credit Union
  • Kelly Tryon, The CUMIS Group
  • Erin Morgan, On Co-op


Oversees the work in co-operative regulatory and legislative changes that affect Ontario's co-operative community.  

  • Ian Shewan, Lerners LLP (Chair)
  • Glenn Agro, BDO Dunwoody
  • Ryan Azotini, The Co-operators
  • Harvey Cooper, CHF Canada, Ontario Region
  • Aaron Denhartog, CHF Canada, Ontario Region
  • Doug Dowhos, Team Werks (as required)
  • Julien Geremie, Conseil de la coopération de l'Ontario
  • Ove Hansen, Gay Lea Foods
  • Jay Harris, Sovereign General Insurance Co.
  • Ted Hyland, Iler Campbell LLP
  • Luc Morin, Conseil de la Co-opération de l'Ontario 
  • John Rebry, Gay Lea Foods 
  • Dave Robertson, Prentice, Yates & Clark
  • Kelly Storie, La Siembra Co-op/CWCF
  • Erin Morgan, On Co-op


(A joint committee with CCO launched as of January 2015)

  • Simone Swail, CHF Canada, Ontario Region (Chair)
  • Pierre Benoit, Caisses Populaires Trillium
  • Philippe Boissonneault
  • Brent Davies, Ag Energy C-operative (board rep)
  • Julien Geremie, Conseil de la coopération de l'Ontario
  • Mark Hamel, Gay Lea Foods Co-operative
  • Thierry Lasserre, Alliance Francaise
  • Megan McIver, Central 1 Credit Union
  • Maya Milardovic, The Co-operators
  • Lucie Moncion, l'Alliance des caisses populaires de l'Ontario Ltée 
  • Luc Morin,Conseil de la coopération de l'Ontario
  • Erin Morgan, On Co-op
  • Monika Wyrzykowska, The Co-operators
  • Hosni Zaouali, Voila Learning


An advisory body to the Executive Director on Human Resource issues.

  • Michelle Cummings, DUCA FInancial Services Credit Union (Chair)
  • Kim De Lallo, Ontario Natural Food Co-op
  • Robbyn McLellan, The Co-operators 
  • Barry Hannah, GROWMARK Inc.
  • Jessica Stanley, The Co-operators
  • Erin Morgan, On Co-op


To facilitate youth involvement and leadership in the co-op sector and to advise on youth initiatives. Meets only as required.

To join an On Co-op committee, or for additional information on the work of a committee, task force or working group, contact us using the information provided below.


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