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  • Share your co-op story in 150 words!

    In the Spirit of Canada's 150th, tell us your co-op story in 150 words!

    • How did you get into co-ops? 
    • What do co-ops mean to you?
    • What is innovative about your co-op?

    150 co-op STORIES and PHOTOS will be featured in a commemorative journal…. A social media time capsule for future generations of co-operators.


    There are many ways to submit...

    1. Submit your story to On Co-op using the handle @Ontaricoops and hashtag #coops, or email it to Audrey at [requires javascript] to post on tyour behalf.

    2. You can also share your post with them over Instagram @Coop150 or Facebook with an image of your choosing using the hashtag #coops150 and they will share your post with all of Canada.

    3. You can also send your story and photo to [requires javascript] for them to post on your behalf.

    Follow them on Instagram @Coop150 or Like their Facebook Page to read inspiring Canadian co-op stories!

    Read some of the great stories that have been submitted to us here!

  • 33rd Annual Directors' Forum

    Join us for the 33rd Annual Directors' Forum! 

    This is a unique professional development and networking opportunity for credit union and caisse popoulaire board directors.

    Learn more at or REGISTER today to get the Early Bird rate before June 30!



    On Co-op maintains a listing of all 1300 of Ontario's co-ops so anyone can find a co-op and/or a product or service provided bya local co-op. Search by keyword, category/type or location.

    To start, click on the photo, or use the permanent "Find a Co-op" link at the bottom right of all our website pages.

  • 2017 Co-op Connections Series

    The Co-op Connections are a series of workshops, networking & special events taking place across the province in 2017!

    Visit for more info!

  • Co-op FACTSheets available!

    Discover our online and print library of quick-reference materials about co-op sectors, best practices, legislation, and structure. We have a suite of more than 30 brief, easy to read, useful FactSheets.

    Click HERE to browse the library.

  • Co-ops Are Cool!

    Want to find out more about the great things co-ops do?

    Did you know that mornings are 28% more chipper because of co-ops? Or that co-ops make the world smell nicer? For more quirky, interesting facts about co-ops, check out our Co-ops Are Cool webpages, created and generously donated to On Co-op by The Co-operators.


Use the international co-op logo

Sep 15, 2015 - If your co-op has a print or electronic newsletter, include the co-op logo in a corner. Use it to accompany your own look, logo and image.

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June 2017 CMC Congress & AGM

Jun 19, 2017 + others - CMC Congress & AGM

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The On Co-op e-Directory is a comprehensive listing of more than 1,300 Ontario-based Co-operatives, Credit Unions and Caisse Populaires. Search by city, name, type of co-op or keyword.

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On Co-op is a trade association and capacity-building organization that develops, engages, educates and advocates for Ontario's co-op businesses.